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Company and Market Information: Guides/videoes

Be Information Literate

SCRIBO - Research Question and Literature Search Tool

Join our courses

You can register for our mini courses and  workshops, where we will help you find information/literature for your assignment. The courses are run in both Danish and English, with the titles

  • Company information - tips to the best databases
  • Industry and market information - tips to the best databases
  • Find your literature - Workshop for students in Business and Economics

Database Introductions

We also offer introductions to specific databases for groups of at least three persons. Please contact Jette Jorsal

How to find master theses

Here you can get help to search for master theses from the University of Southern Denmark in the library. You also get a link to search for Danish theses from other universities. - Search for materials in Danish public libraries

Formalities for written assignments

This link takes you to a paper, that contains the current guidelines concerning the contents and layout of written assignments and reports handed in by students at the programmes in Economics and Business Administration and the programmes in Economics and Mathematics-Economics. The guidelines only apply if there are no separate rules in the course description or the assignment given for the course in question.

How to cite - test yourself

How to do references of business sources - APA style

Here you will find the library's tips for making a bibliography after using our business databases.

Endnote support at SDUB

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