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Company and Market Information: Listed companies

Company types

Your access to information and data on companies depends to a large extent on the type of company in question. You can always begin by consulting the company’s own website.

Stock market quoted companies: finding information is easy, since there are specific requirements for them to provide information. Ticker symbol Lookup. Find the Ticker symbol for shares and other securities. See our databases.

Unquoted private companies and other types of companies, e.g. private limited companies: must report their annual accounts and additional company information. This information is open to all and can be found in for example the library’s databases – see them on this page. Company types – overview of abbreviations.

One-man firms: are usually not obliged to report their annual accounts. Consequently, only basic information is generally available.

Specially on listed companies

The Bloomberg terminal is an integrated platform providing access to price quotes, financial market and trade data, news, and much more. Bloomberg covers all listed companies worldwide and contains information about more than 5 million bonds, stocks, commodities, currencies, and trusts. For more info, see the libguide: Bloomberg
The Library provides access to one Bloomberg terminal in our Finance Lab - book terminal via the link. Only SDU students and employees have access to the terminal.

Eikon provides international financial, economic, stock market and company data. Includes coverage of equities, stock market and bond indices, economic statistics, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, fixed income instruments and derivatives. Eikon desktop software allows data to be downloaded and exported and can be used to create graphics, reports and spreadsheets.

Eikon offers the world’s most comprehensive historical database for numerical macroeconomic and cross-asset financial data which started life in the 1960s as Datastream. Within Eikon you can access Datastream charting tools and analytics to help you work with data.
Historical numerical financial database across all major asset classes with history back to the 1950s.
The Library provides access to Eikon from 2 teminals in our Finance Lab - book terminal via the link. Only SDU students and employees have access to the terminal

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS)
Online platform providing access to deep archives of historical financial, accounting, banking, economics and more. WRDS incorporates multiple datasets. Note that University of Southern Denmark (SDU) holds a subscription to a selection of the available databases. Main WRDS subscription are Compustat and CRSP. Access requires that you register. See how in the libguide made by the library.

Newsclient - The Nordic countries
Stock Exchange announcements in i.a. Denmark, Sweden and Finland including access to annual accounts, flotation prospectuses, quarterly reports. A password is required - contact the library.

LexisNexis - World-wide
Access to financial figures and information etc. from large international companies. Search for companies via the box Get Company Information.

Edgar - America
Access to American listed company statements including annual reports (10-K), quarterly reports, flotation prospectuses and other company announcements.

Zephyr - World-wide
Detailed information on company stock market listing - IPOs, including completion date and deal value. You find also information on mergers and acquisitions.

Stock market prices can be found either directly on the stock markets’ websites or via a number of financial news services, but often you can find only the current prices; the history of prices is rare.

Free internet resources:

  • Yahoo Finance: This is the British edition of Yahoo Finance. The website also includes links to similar Yahoo Finances from around the world. The British edition covers the major European stock markets. A small number of historical data are available (about 6 years back), there are annual reports, etc., and you can export data into Excel.
  • Big Charts: the content of this free service is not as comprehensive as Yahoo Finance, but it has more historical data for the markets that it covers. The search function ”Global Symbol Lookup” offers an overview of the markets included in Big Charts.



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