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Company and Market Information: Consumers


The library provides access to the program GallupPC from our stand alone computer at the library's 1. floor.





Where to find consumer lifestyles and trends

Passport - World-wide     
Euromonitor’s international market reports on companies, industries and geographies. The focus is FMCG - Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The database also contains valuable statistics on e.g. market size, brand share and company share, and consumer profile analysis, including trends and lifestyles. Very often you also find In Depth information on a country including the operating environment - in terms of economic growth, the business environment, demographic trends and the income and spending priorities of the population.

Statistical Denmark
Statistics Denmark is the central authority on Danish statistics. Predefined tables.

Statista - World-wide
Statista is a statistics portal that provides statistics and reports on a wide range of topics such as media and advertising, internet, groceries and convenience goods, retail and trade, sports and recreation, technology and telecommunications, , transport and tourism.
According to Statista’s own information, there are statistics about more than 80,000 items from over 22.500 different sources. Statista’s geographical coverage is worldwide. Besides there are access to reports and analysis, consumer and market surveys and forecasts.

Articles, case studies, trend analysis, conference and research papers and statistics on marketing, advertising and media.
You can specify to consumer research and insight. Chose Topics => Categories => Consumer research & insight.


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