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Company and Market Information: Countries/Statistics

Descriptions of countries

A country can be described via a number of different parameters. In most of the Library’s databases, you will find basic information on specific countries, as well as information on economics, politics; macro-economical, demographical and social data.

IMPORTANT - remember:

Other official suppliers of statistics
• Government departments
• Agencies and directorates
• Research institutions

Other unofficial suppliers of statistics
• Industrial organizations
• Research agencies
• Suppliers of news

Country information - Denmark

Statistical Denmark
Statistics Denmark is the central authority on Danish statistics, describing the Danish society. You can e.g. describe your demographic segment using data from here. Predefined tables.

Statbank Denmark contains detailed statistical information on Danish society. You can make your own tables about e.g. the households consumption of chocolate..


Country information - Europe

Eurostat is the statistical database of the European Union that contains comparable official statistics of all EU member states. Includes comparable statistics of key countries outside of the EU.

A good starting point is Statistics Explained, an official Eurostat website, presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way.

You will find links to the tables, so you can make your own tables.

Country information - World-wide

The Observatory of Economic Complexity
A MIT Media Lab project - a tool that makes it possible to show countries import/export.

Doing Business - World-wide
The Doing Business project provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 190 economies and selected cities at the subnational and regional level.

IMD World Competitiveness Online - World-wide
Annual report on competitive strength of 60 countries. Comparing country competitiveness. You can convert the data into charts and tables.

Statista - World-wide NEW
A statistics portal that provides statistics and reports on a wide range of topics such as media and advertising, internet, groceries and convenience goods, retail and trade, sports and recreation, technology and telecommunications, transport and tourism.
According to Statista’s own information, there are statistics about more than 80,000 items from over 22.500 different sources. Statista’s geographical coverage is worldwide. Besides there are access to reports and analysis, consumer and market surveys and forecasts.

Euromonitor’s international market reports. You can find consumer profile analysis, including trends and lifestyles. Very often you also find In Depth information on a country including the operating environment - in terms of economic growth, the business environment, demographic trends and the income and spending priorities of the population

International markets reports. Access to PESTLE analysis for all major geographies.

Nearly all full text OECD publications including books and statistics, i.a. detailed statistics on foreign trade.

Articles on economics issues including: capital markets, country studies, econometrics, forecasting, environmental economics, adjustment, labour market economics, monetary theory and urban economics.

CountryData Online
Access to political, economic, financial and social data for more over 140 countries, in most back to 1984.

Europa World Yearbook
Basic information on all countries of the world. Covers the following aspects: statistics, government and politics, society and media, and trade. The statistics of each country are comparable to those of other countries.

CIA World Factbook
The World Factbook (published by The Central Intelligence Agency, a department of  the US intelligence service). Basic information on the countries of the world. Covers the following aspects: geography, population and society, economics, energy, communications, transportation, and military. See also Europa World Plus listed above.

WDI Online - World Development Indicators
Statistics on more than 200 countries, based upon 2000 different indicators and numbers, which in some cases go back in time 50 years. Focus on social and economic conditions in the developing countries.

Around 1800 indicators from a number of different sources are collected in the World Bank's new portal TCdata360 (Open Trade & Competitiveness Data).Data from the World Bank and other international organizations such as IMF and OECD are collected in the portal.Find e.g. key figures for each country and compare the indicators concerning trade, competitive strength and economy across countries and over time.

International web-portal to e.g. industry sectors and associations. Use the various search options of Global Insight.

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Statbank Denmark



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