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Copyright rules for lecturers at SDU: Film, Radio & TV

Mediastream Media Collections

AVU-Plus agreement

The Internet Archive

Film, Radio and TV

TV and radio programmes

You have access to radio and TV programmes via Mediestream, provided by the State and University Library.

The radio and TV programmes in Mediestream date back to 2005 and new programmes are constantly added. Programmes broadcasted today can be found in Mediestream with 14 days delay. You can find programmes from the national radio and TV channels as well as local radio and TV stations.

See Mediestream's list of radio and TV channels here

On the WAYF page you must choose "Syddansk Universitet" and use your SDU login to get access.
The contents of Mediestream should only be used for research, studies or educational purposes.

The AVU-Plus agreement
SDU also has an agreement which allows you to copy and store TV programmes from several Danish and foreign TV channels for educational purposes.

See the list of TV channels included in the AVU-Plus agreement here.

You MAY place the material on Contact Medieværkstedet for more information.
You may NOT copy movies produced for cinema, even if they have been shown on TV.

TV and radio stations make more and more of their products available online (on demand). Even though it is tempting to use small snippets of programmes from their websites, you are NOT allowed to copy the programmes to Blackboard without permission.
Use links to these websites instead.

If you work on Campus Odense or Campus Esbjerg, the MPLC agreement permits you to show selected films that you have bought or rented, during your class sessions.

MPLC represent more than 400 producers and distributors of movies. If you want to be sure whether a certain producer is covered by the agreement, contact MPLC:
If you work on one of the other campuses, you need to contact the copyright holder for permission!

The Internet Archive
The Internet Archive has older movies with free access which you are allowed to use in your teaching.

For further information, please contact Line Kronqvist Jensen or Jens Dam at the library.

Only for your own personal study and research purposes.
Students and staff at SDU and the employees at OUH and the Regional hospitals in Southern Denmark have access to electronic material via the University Library of Southern Denmark.
You will have to log in to get access, both on and off campus. Read more about access here.
Support: Read the FAQ. If you need further help, please contact Office of Licensing via e-mail, or telephone 6550 2632.

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