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Health Sciences: OUH employees only

Libguide for empoyees and students in health sciences

OUH employees

On this site you will find links and informations for employees at the Odense University Hospital and Svendborg Hospital (OUH).
Information regarding literature searching, reference management, search filters, eBooks etc. are on the other sites on this Libguide for Health Sciences.

UpToDate – important on access!

Access to UpToDate when outside the OUH network, you must have a personal login.
UpToDate is in the list on databases below 

Contact - Ask us

OUH library

OUH Bibliotek (Library), ent. 50, The Clinic Building

Services for reserches and emloyees such as Open Access, publication agreements etc. is visible here: Support for researchers 
Courses and events, and Book-a-librarian is held and managed by the University Library of Southern Denmark.
Searching for materials or renew your loans: Library catalogue 


OUH Bibliotek (Library) is for selfservice only, and contains a smaller book collection. You can collect and return materials from the University Library of Southern Denmark.
OUH employees must use the national health card or SDU library card. All users has 24 hours access, and must use SDU or OUH employee card or SDU student card at the entrance.
Notice when ordering books, do not choose location. Ordered books will automatically be delivered  to the OUH Bibliotek (Library). You will recieve an e-mail when materials are ready for collection.

Mobile Access

Journals, databases and dictionaries for OUH

Databases (OUH)

Access to E-resources

Employees at the Odense University Hospital has access to most of the E-resources licensed by the University Library of Southern Denmark and E-resources licensed by the Region of Southern Denmark.

To obtain access, you must be registered as a borrower at the University Library of Southern Denmark, and when accessing the E-resources use your SDU borrower number as username and the password, is your choice e.g. to the Library Catalogue.
If you have not used your SDU borrower number in many years, or can not get access, please contact the SDU license office by e-mail or by phone 6550 2632.
If you never had a SDU borrower number, you must register here: User Registration

Contact librarian for OUH

Only for your own personal study and research purposes.
Students and staff at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and the staff at Odense University Hospital (OUH) have access to the library's licensed electronic material.
Use your SDU/OUH username and password to get access. Read more about access here.
Problems accessing electronic material? - Read the FAQ. If you need further help, please contact Office of Licensing via e-mail, or telephone 6550 2632.

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